Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 month comparison

Do they look alike? These pictures were both taken at 8 months old. It has been forever since I have added an entry. The next entry will be a one year comparison since Estelle just turned one!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today was a big day in our house. Roxie has decided that using the potty is a good idea. Despite the fact that she will be 3 in a few short months, this took me by surprise! I guess she is more ready than I am. No, I don't love changing diapers. But it seems like such a big girl thing to do! Am I ready for a big girl? I guess I better be. I have been talking about when she would be ready to be potty trained for months but I think the question should really have been when I would be ready. Today she decided that she did not need to wear a diaper....even when leaving the house. Holy crap! That means that I have to be aware of where the nearest bathroom is at all times. And I hate public bathrooms. I almost NEVER use them. I think I am going to have to get over that for a bit. They don't tell you that this is what being a mom is really all about. Being able to suck it up and seek out public restrooms....even squat down next to the toilet to help out. Do you people know how close that puts me to that toilet? Too close.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I really do love Trader Joe's. We buy about 90% of our groceries there so I am there often. Roxie goes through perishable items so quickly.....bananas, yogurt, cheese, milk, etc. But I have about had it with the damn balloons! It is the same thing every time. The cashier offers Roxie a balloon, she says yes, the cashier gets the balloon and then Roxie wants nothing to do with the balloon.....it is now mommies balloon. I don't want a freaking balloon....especially not everytime we got to Trader Joe's which is at least twice a week. So a couple of months ago I decided that we were done with the balloons at Trader Joe's. Sounds simple, right? You just say no to the balloon. If only it were that simple. Today for example we ventured to our local tj's. We finish loading up on our goods and head to the cash register. As we approach I am feeling confident, today will be the day. I am not leaving this place with a damn balloon! The cashier does her duty and asks if my daughter would like a balloon. I smile and say, "No thanks, she doesn't really like them". She laughs, we chat, she gives Roxie some stickers (something she does like, but Matt hates that they are plastered all over the backseat of the car......stickers are obviously not my battle when I have balloons to deal with) and all is well with the world. Until overy happy bagger guy enters the picture. Overly happy bagger guy talks with Roxie, asks her about a balloon (totally not hearing me or the nice cashier telling him she doesn't need one) and then proceeds to get one for her. She of course won't touch it so he ties it to the cart. The cashier and I look at eachother and smile......I tried, she tried, but we lost to overly happy bagger guy. To my amazement, up walks even happier new cashier guy who proceeds to tie a second balloon to Roxie's first balloon all while talking about how fun balloons are. Let me tell you....balloons are not so much fun! Not only do I now have to hold not one but two balloons but I have to worry about not letting them go for fear of killing dolphins (is that really true or was someone in the 5th grade spreading lies?) while I put two kids in the car and all of my groceries. I then have to figure out where to put the freaking balloons. Do they fit in the trunk? Can I get them to stay on the floorboard of the car? It makes me nervous having them inside the car...they always end up floating somewhere totally not okay and I am forced to bat it out of my way over and over during the ride home. And what if they popped in the car? I hate it when balloons pop. Remember that "fun" party game where kids sit on balloons until they pop? So not okay with me. Once I finally arrive home with my uninvited guest balloons....the inevitable happens. A neighbor drives by just as I am opening the trunk (I managed to squeeze them in this time) and as I look up to wave, the balloons are set free. I watch them float up as I think....that's it, next time.....we are NOT getting a balloon. Seriously people!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Girly Stuff

I am not an overly girly girl. But there is something very fun about painting your nails! Especially red :) Roxie thought so too. We had fun doing our nails together. And don't they look so pretty?
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Saturday, February 14, 2009


After almost 30 months of watching it grow.....we have finally had Roxie's hair cut! It was not fun, but it is done. It is much shorter than we were planning (and shorter than I verbalized to the woman who cut it) but it is said and done. Now that it is over Roxie seems happy with it (maybe she is just happy it is over??) and is even calling it pretty. Matt was very hesitant to have it cut at all. What's next.....him insisting that I grown my hair long? Not as long as there is beard growing going on in my house....to which I certainly did not agree to!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snapfish Sucks

To those of you (and I am sure there are so many) who have been up late worrying that you may have been crossed off of the Ivazian christmas card list....let me explain. I hate Snapfish. After leading me on forever.....well past the excitement of the holiday season (my cards were "SHIPPED" on Jan. 7th....although "guaranteed" to ship by christmas eve) and now they are officially lost in the mail. As though I hadn't figures that out by now! I am finally calm enough to at least share the image here with you. Yes, I know it is mid February. The rage ran deep and I can only now talk about it. What risks! The fear of being blacklisted from possible mass christmas card mailings is unnerving and has shaken me to the core. Conisder this an apology :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

The dishes are done!

I guess I can be a skeptic. I totally thought people were full of crap when talking about how their younger child was always entertained by watching their older child. But it works! When in a good mood, Estelle will watch and listen to Roxie as though she is the most entertaining thing. It gives Roxie an audience and I can do the dishes! Yay for doing the dishes with two hands and without a toddler standing on my feet. It doesn't take much to make me happy I guess...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Enough Said

I don't care how old you are, this is funny.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


They do look like sisters! They are about the same age in these pictures, both about 4 months old. It is strange to look at Roxie so little! Today it seems like forever ago that she was so small. I know it is all happening too fast but for some reason sometimes it seems like slow motion. If only I could pause it for awhile :)

They say the funniest things!

Kids say really funny things. A lot. Roxie is no exception. Some I will remember, others I am sure I will not. The priceless ones, I guess I should document. What a better place than here! My mom says I will regret not writing some of them down. So mom, this ones for you!

Roxie's recent phrases:
  • "My eyes are dripping" said of course while crying
  • "My knees are fallling out" said when her pant legs ride up too high while sitting down

Color Terrific!

Yes, the teapot boils fantastic water. And yes, the dutch oven will make many wonderful meals for my family. But most important, how freaking cute do they look in my kitchen! Do I feel a collection coming on? It's the little things in life, you know?
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