Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snapfish Sucks

To those of you (and I am sure there are so many) who have been up late worrying that you may have been crossed off of the Ivazian christmas card list....let me explain. I hate Snapfish. After leading me on forever.....well past the excitement of the holiday season (my cards were "SHIPPED" on Jan. 7th....although "guaranteed" to ship by christmas eve) and now they are officially lost in the mail. As though I hadn't figures that out by now! I am finally calm enough to at least share the image here with you. Yes, I know it is mid February. The rage ran deep and I can only now talk about it. What risks! The fear of being blacklisted from possible mass christmas card mailings is unnerving and has shaken me to the core. Conisder this an apology :)

1 comment:

Aida Rita said...

Perhaps they thought you wanted them early for Christmas 2009 ... :)