Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Leaves

My teacher side is coming out! As Roxie is getting older I am so excited to do fun projects with her! She made these leaves to hang in the window. Papa made the one on the far right with her when he came to visit! They look so pretty!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Leave it to my mom to help get the best smile on camera! Estelle has the biggest smiles but they are hard to catch. If this little one is anything like Roxie, she will be obsessed with Grandma! My poor mom can hardly sit down when she is here visiting! Roxie goes crazy :) She wants Grandma (sometimes known as grammy) to help her with everything. I can't even buckle her into her carseat without hearing "No!!! Grammy do it!" I guess only a Grandma could be so happy about being needed in such a constant, insistent, 2 year old kind of way.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008


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I got one!

I think she actually looks like me! For some reason I expected Estelle to look exactly like her sister. She doesn't. She is fair skinned with red undertones and has my nose. Maybe even my eyebrows! She is almost three months old and I am still learning how different than her sister she really is. Roxie is very Roxie. And so far, Estelle is very Estelle. I guess that is one thing I hope to support them in. Being who they are. I imagine that can be a tricky thing to navigate.Posted by Picasa

Dirty Kids

Lately, Roxie is just gross. Is this something that happens slowly over time? I remember when (not too long ago) nothing about her grossed me out. The words yucky, disgusting and nasty just didn't apply to my daughter. Does our new edition to the family have something to do with it? Maybe I have become more squeemish? Or maybe Roxie is just a kid. And kids are dirty. I just never thought she would be one of them. A dirty kid. Now Estelle...she will never be a dirty kid, I am sure of it.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

4 In The Bed

Hmmm...I wonder where mom and dad were sleeping before they got up? Do they both sleep with you now? It is a question I get a lot. Yes they do. Is it crazy? At times. But mostly it's really warm and quite nice. Yesterday morning Roxie woke up and rolled over to Estelle to cuddle her. Roxie will have her own space sometime in the near future which will be nice when it is time. For now during cold nights when Matt still insists on the ceiling fan....I am happy to have the extra warmth :)
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

String Bean

That is one long string bean! At 24 inches long and 10lbs 11oz, Estelle is in the 95th percentile for length and the 32nd for weight. I am trying to picture her as a grown woman....and I keep picturing Aunt Kimberly :)
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Sesame Street

Having two kids really changes things doesn't it? I would have hated the thought of Roxie watching tv (especially so intently) before Estelle arrived. The thing allows me to shower! Roxie is almost paralyed by Sesame Street. She will watch an entire episode sitting just like this. And if I don't give her a pillow? She will stand in the middle of the room for the entire hour! At least it is Sesame Street....I have fond memories of watching it as a kid. It's not some crazy crap cartoon...although I am sure that will come later. Estelle naps, Roxie is paralyzed by The Street and I happily take a hot shower. I guess whatever works :)
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