Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sliced Cheese

I have discovered that rolling over is not what I have been anxiously anticipating. I have been waiting for the first movement milestone. Well folks, here it is. I am calling it the "Mommy apparently needs to strap you in move". Estelle has mastered it perfectly and so I guess it is now time for me to begin strapping her in. It is only the beginning of course! What does it say that I took a picture before picking her up out of this precarious position? I think it speaks volumes about my attempt to document it all! My desire to not forget a single suprise move, messy face, funny look, cute expression or blank stare. I know I won't be able to capture it all but I will try. I will try because I can't trust my memory to store it all. Some memories will fade with time. At least that is what I tell Matt everytime I pick up another huge picture order from Costco. Who can blame me! That and I have to keep up with the massive amounts of pictures we have of Roxie.....who now comes running at me, camera in hand saying "I want to say cheese". Speaking of cheese. She now much prefers it sliced to a stick. And if she wants "slice cheese" you better not try to give her a stick. That would be totally inappropriate! It can't taste the same at all.......
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